Shooting Drill with Chaser

Field size: 30 yards by 20 yards with small goals setup using flags

Number of players: full team; two players working at a time; keeper in goal

Age range: 10-12

Description: Two lines on the right and left side of the field with a small cone goal in front of each of them about five yards away.  One line has the ball at their feet while the other line will act as the chasers.  The line with the ball dribbles through the set of cones/gate and this is when the chaser can start to run down the attacker and try to win the ball before they can score on a big goal. 

Chaser starts once the player is through the cones.  Lines are about ten to twenty yards apart and about twenty to thirty yards from the goal.  Lines don’t face the goal directly but chaser and shooter face one another.

For this drill, focus on shielding the ball and dribbling with the ball with the foot furthest away from the defender.  The attacker goes directly at goal as fast as possible but looks to cut back inside if the defender is over committing.  The idea is to rush directly towards goal but cut back inside if it’s on. 

Switch sides so attackers have an opportunity to shoot with both feet.  Drill should move quickly and players only have a short period of time to get the shot off. After taking a shot players move over to the chaser/defenders lines.

Equipment needed: Cones, flags and practice vests.