Should Harry Kane Have Taken Second Penalty Kick?

Harry Kane skies the ball up and over the goal on his second penalty kick attempt versus France. Should someone else have taken the penalty since it was Kane’s second and Hugo Lloris is his club teammate?

David Beckham in the stands couldn’t even watch. While the Kane missed penalty will haunt him for a while it won’t be as bad as Beckham’s red card versus Argentina.

It seemed like Kane over thought the second penalty and tried to hit it too perfectly. Kane strikes the ball with enough power on the second penalty that if he’d struck it down the middle no keeper could stop it.

Just how many shots has France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris faced from Harry Kane? They have played on the same club team for how long? Day in and day out they must face one another in various shooting situations on the training field for Tottenham Hotspurs. So Kane knows Lloris and vice versa.

It must have been talked about, right, by England’s coaching staff and Gareth Southgate. The fact that Kane and Lloris are teammates and know each other’s tendencies. Who has the advantage.

Lloris saved three or four Kane shots during the game itself. A long range Kane strike and a one versus one situation where Kane couldn’t scoop the ball up and over a charging Lloris.

The question really is who should or would have taken the penalty kick if Kane didn’t? Maybe Saka. Maybe Mount. Or Bellingham. It’s just not clear for England who would have taken the penalty other than Kane. Did England rely on Kane too much in this way? Sake was having an exceptional game versus France. Perhaps since he was feeling confident he should have taken the second penalty kick.

For England, they must have also spoken about if Kane gets injured who will take the penalty kicks.

From ESPN, here’s what Kane said about the second penalty kick: “I’m not someone who thinks too much about it; I prepare the same whether I get one penalty or two penalties in a game,” Kane said about facing his Tottenham Hotspur teammate Hugo Lloris from the spot for the second time.
“I can’t fault my preparation or the detail before the game; it didn’t feel any different. I felt confident taking it but didn’t execute it the way I wanted to.”