Soccer Betting Tips

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Soccer Betting Tips

Soccer betting tips for both the beginner and the experts, who maybe forgot some of the early soccer betting lessons they learned. If you want more information how to bet on soccer go to soccer betting explained. Here though we’re going to find soccer betting tips that will give you that extra edge to win more games.

Overall, know your team and the players. Spend some time watching the team play so you get a good understanding of what the team is like over the course of a season. How do the play at home versus away? What players are key to the success of the team and winning games? Don’t jump right in and bet on a team that you don’t know a lot about. At the same time, don’t let the love you might have for a team that you grew up watching factor too much in to a bet you might make.

Soccer betting tips and things to consider before making a wager on a game – questions you want to think about:

  • Current form: Is a team in a current run of good form – a winning streak; confidence is a big factor in a team’s success. Run of form and momentum are important but consider the qualify of their opponents.
  • Fans support: State of the fan base and how they feel about the team can impact a team, sometimes putting too much pressure on them. Usually they’re upset with the ownership. And at times fans can put pressure on individual players, say if they have yet to sign a new contract or don’t give enough effort. This can impact a players confidence.
  • History: Look at past head to head matchups to see how teams have performed – tough to overcome a history of wins against certain teams – as in certain teams have never beat Manchester United at Old Trafford.
  • Records: Chasing records will often lead a team to fight hard to win or help a player score more goals to break a record.
  • New manager: Is a new coach or manger trying to implement a new style of play. This might take time. However, a new manager also might bring a brief rebound in form as some fresh air is brought into the club.
  • Injuries: Know what key players are injured for each team.
  • Weather: Check the weather before the game and how that might impact the field and players. Too cold or wet or maybe windy. Thankfully these days tons of weather apps and sites offer detailed information.
  • Travel: Tired players from traveling. Do the teams have a number of players how just flew across the world to play for their country in a World Cup qualifier or friendly match.
  • Schedule: Have the teams played back to back games recently. Maybe a string of midweek games that are unusual.
  • Streaks: Is the a goal scorer on a team who is on a hot streak and has the momentum. Confidence is a huge factor in soccer and winning games and scoring.
  • Goalkeepers: Is the first team goalkeeper playing or the second. As far as form and confidence, no player on the field is perhaps as important as having a healthy and confident goalkeeper.
  • Road: How far away is the visiting team coming from to play. Long road trips take a toll on a players body and sleep schedule. Time changes factor in for players trying to get a good nights sleep prior to a game.
  • Spirit: What is the team spirit like. Are they fighting to win or fighting amongst one another.
  • Experience: Is it a young team or experienced. Do they have two or three players who have been there before and know how to win big games.
  • Cards: What players have accumulated yellow cards and might play differently. Are the team’s players prone to getting red cards on the team or numerous yellow cards.
  • Talisman: Is there a key player coming back into the lineup that has been away. Not necessarily a goal scorer but maybe a midfielder who does most of the running and work. N’Golo Kanté comes to mind for Chelsea for instance.
  • Standings: Where do the teams sit in the league table, are they fighting for a berth in the Champions League or to avoid relegation. Both just as important for the club!
  • Stars: Don’t bet against players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi! In truth though, the stars win the money and big games. They are the players who get paid to score and create goal scoring chances.
  • Parking the bus: Beware of teams parking the bus or bunkering in when they’re playing teams who are much better than they are. These games could lead to goals draws. When teams play Manchester City these days they often pack the entire team in their defense third.

Something interesting in soccer betting is how a new player for a team often scores a goal or gets an assist. And just how often a player who is playing against their former team often scores a goal – and when they score they often don’t celebrate the goal out of respect. But how does that impact the soccer bet you’re going to make? It seems to happen quite often, a player trying to prove a former manage or coach was wrong in selling them to another team so they play harder and score a goal against that previous team.

Be careful of what you might think is a for sure soccer bet. Say for instance that Messi isn’t in the lineup for PSG. While not having the best player in the world in the lineup is a big factor, it also could motivate the rest of the players to play better and give more effort. So while you might want to bet on the other team if one of the best players is out of the lineup don’t jump right into that wager right away. This also means you will get more favorable odds for the game if the best player is not in the lineup.

These days fans are able to bet on soccer games in most professional soccer leagues and tournaments throughout the world, from betting on games in the English Premier League to the MLS to the World Cup. Remember though, soccer betting is more about having fun than trying to make a ton of money – only bet the amount of money you are comfortable actually losing!

In this video, we take a look at our top 10 soccer betting tips to win more football / soccer bets and answer the following questions:

Soccer Betting Tips:

00:00 Introduction
00:22 – What is a value bet? #1
00:42 – What should I learn to get better at betting? #2
01:15 – Which leagues should I bet on? #3
01:37 – Which markets should I bet on? #4
01:58 – How do I manage my betting bankroll? #5
02:15 – How do I keep a record of my bets? #6
02:49 – How do I assess performance potential? #7
03:58 – What is a betting market bias? #8
04:31 – How do I follow the professional betting experts? #9
05:18 – How do I find the best possible odds when betting? Final soccer betting tips #10

Always gamble responsibly – use these soccer betting tips wisely | 18+

Top image credit goes to JuanmaalMazan for the excellent stadium photo.

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