Top Soccer Players Weekly Salaries

What are the top weekly salaries for the best soccer players in the world? Yes, these are weekly salaries believe it or not. Don’t think they’re getting paid enough. How do they survive on these wages…the per year salary is amazing but when it’s broken down per week is even more extraordinaire say compared with what a teacher makes per year. Sure, some countries take a big chunk of the top pros salary in taxes but usually most players have ways to reduce the tax cut they take.

More to come as the summer transfers continue and new signings take place across Europe. Is there someone we are missing, please send in their salary for the week if you have it. There’s one American on the list right now, Clint Dempsey, making $58,334 per week playing for Fulham in the English Premier League.

Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid: $298,548
Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Inter Milan: $275,377
Kaka at Real Madrid: $275,377
John Terry at Chelsea: $273,253
Robinho at Manchester City: $265,424
Lionel Messi at Barcelona: $258,788
Frank Lampard at Chelsea: $231,588
Samuel Etoo at Barcelona: $228,279
Thierry Henry at Barcelona: $228,279
Franck Ribery at Chelsea: $207,362
Ronaldinho at AC Milan: $198,504
Rio Ferdinand at Manchester United: $198,504
Steven Gerrard at Liverpool: $198,504
Michael Ballack at Chelsea: $198,504
Andrei Shevchenko at AC Milan: $198,504
Raul Gonzalez at Real Madrid: $195,195
Ruud van Nistelrooy at Real Madrid: $195,195
Iker Casillas at Real Madrid: $181,962
Frederic Kanoute at Sevilla FC: $181,962
Wayne Rooney at Manchester United: $181,962
Michael Owen at Newcastle United: $181,962
Fabio Cannavaro at Real Madrid: $176,132 (retured to Juventus)
Francesco Totti at AS Roma: $166,256
Luca Toni at Bayern at Munich: $166,256
Arjen Robben at Real Madrid: $166,256
Ashley Cole at Chelsea FC: $166,256
Deco at Chelsea FC: $166,256
Fernando Torres at Liverpool FC: $166,256
Carlos Tevez at Manchester United: $156,379
Adriano at Inter Milan: $152,186 (not longer plays at Inter)
Patrick Vieira at Inter Milan: $152,186
Charles Puyol at Barcelona: $152,186
Andres Iniesta at Barcelona: $152,186
Xavi at Barcelona: $152,186
Sergio Aguero at Atletico Madrid: $152,186
Gianluigi Buffon at Juventus: $152,186
Willy Sagnol at Bayern Munich: $152,186
Dimitar Berbatov at Manchester United: $148,149
Andrei Arshavin at Arsenal FC: $148,149
Didier Drogba at Chelsea FC: $148,149
Nicolas Anelka at Chelsea FC: $148,149
Paul Scholes at Manchester United: $148,149
Alessandro Del Piero at Juventus: $144,856
Karim Benzema at Olympique Lyon: $144,856
Frank Ribery at Bayern Munich: $144,856 (now at Chelsea)
Joe Cole at Chelsea FC: $139,918
Ryan Giggs at Manchester United: $139,918
Xabi Alonso at Liverpool FC: $139,918
Jamie Carragher at Liverpool FC: $139,918
David Beckham at AC Milan: $136,626
Juninho at Olympique Lyon: $136,626
David Trezeguet at Juventus: $136,626
Craig Bellamy at West Ham United: $132,168
Yuri Zhirkov at Chelsea: $129,592
Damien Duff at Fulham: $99, 174
Michael Owen at Manchester United: $81,445
David James at Portsmouth: $65,260
Clint Dempsey at Fulham: $58,334