Soccer Shoe Care – How to Take Care of Your Soccer Cleats

Soccer shoe care: Here’s a quick guide on how to take care of your soccer shoes so you get the most out of them and they last longer: Take care of your soccer shoes and they will take care of you. Yes, if you clean your shoes after playing that will last a lot longer. Don’t let them stay caked with mud and soaked with water. Brush the mud off and use newspapers to dry them out by stuffing them in the front of the shoes – paper towels would work too. More essential soccer shoe care tips for below.

When you first get a pair of soccer shoes make sure you polish them. This is to soften the leather so you’ll get better touch and feel on the soccer ball, and to make them water resistant. It doesn’t take much polish either, just clean them off with a rag and rub a small amount of polish into the areas of the shoe you use the most – the front sections and sides.

Is it a good idea to soak new soccer shoes in water when you first get them?

If the soccer cleats are really stiff, then the first time you wear them, it’s ok to get them a little wet, but make sure you place newspapers inside the shoes after you wear them and polish them when they’re dry. If you soak the shoes they could become over stretched, so it depends upon how tight the shoes are and the type of leather.  Don’t place the shoes in direct sunlight or they could crack as they become over dried.

Here’s a quick run down of some of the key soccer shoe care tips. If you’re a serious soccer player then you’ve got to have a good pair of soccer shoes, so it starts with buying a quality pair of shoes and not a heavy or inflexible shoe. It’s worth it to buy a shoe that feels really comfortable when you’re playing.

Soccer Shoe Care Tips

  • Clean your shoes after practice so the dirt doesn’t damage the leather and the shoes will last longer.  Dirt can bring moisture out of the leather and ruin them – make them over dry and begin to crack.
  • If really wet, say after a rain storm when the field is soaked, place newspaper inside the shoe to soak up the water so the shoes aren’t over stretched and the shape of the shoe changes.
  • Polish your shoes after they dry out – this will preserve the leather and make them last.  If your shoe is too dry it could stiffen and crack.
  • Store shoes in a breathable bag – nothing sealed but one with holes.
  • A soccer shoe care product like leather food or mink oil will also help soften and condition the leather of the shoe.

Soccer Shoe Care Don’ts

  • Don’t put shoes in front of heater or in the dryer – may crack the leather if they get too dry.
  • Don’t wear your shoes on the cement or a hard surface.  This will wear down the cleats and is also dangerous.  You could slip and fall.
  • Don’t use sealing type products like wax or silicone based products to polish shoes.
  • Don’t use soaps or cleaning products. Water and a wash cloth should do the trick.
  • Don’t seal them in a plastic bag where the shoes can’t dry out.  Even when the field isn’t wet your shoes will soak up your own sweat.
  • After playing soccer shoes need to be aired out – don’t just leave them trapped in your bag until the next training session.

Benefits of Kangaroo Leather for Your Shoes

  • Light weight
  • Molds to your foot
  • Better feel and touch
  • Easy to break in

Negatives of Kangaroo Leather:

  • Less durable and won’t last as long
  • Prone to cracking over time
  • Hold more water and thus heavier in wet conditions

Buying soccer shoe care advice: A good pair of soccer shoes nowadays can cost over a hundred dollars, that’s why it’s even more important to take care of them. If you do take care of them they can last for a number of years, if you don’t, you’ll have to discard what might become a favored pair of soccer shoes earlier than you wanted. Buy a shoe that you love putting on and working on your skills when wearing them. That’s the key.

EXTRA:  Kangaroo leather has been in the spotlight recently for the way hunters are killing kangaroos. At times, the hunters are killing other species of kangaroos that are endangered or killing other animals indiscriminately.  It’s good that this has been brought to the attention of the industry and steps are being taken to ensure that animals are treated fairly.

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