Soccer Volleys – How to Volley Like a Pro

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Soccer Volley Suarez
Soccer volleys from the pros: Want to learn how to volley the soccer ball? Then watch some of the best soccer players in the world strike the ball on the volley. The main trick when volleying the soccer ball is to maintain calm and control when you go to hit the ball. Keep your ankle locked and your standing foot firm on the ground. Here’s Juventus right back Dani Alves with a stunning first time volley in a Champions League semi-final match versus Monaco. And yes, I’m sure Barcelona wished they would have kept Dani Alves.

Watch Davi Alves score via a first time volley from a fan video – amazing to see the crowds reaction. The soccer volley is one of the most unique and celebrate plays in the beautiful game. The first time volley is a skill that all football players should master and have the confidence to try.

Luis Suarez scored both goals in Barcelona’s win over Inter Milan in the Champions League group stage. But it was his first goal on the volley that was just incredible. Suarez nails the ball with such power and accuracy. It’s one of the best volley goals you’ll ever see. The timing of the volley too is perfect. And how Suarez gets his body down lower to strike the ball. This goal by Suarez is a world class soccer volley of the highest order.

What nearly tops that soccer volley is the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s goal for the LA Galaxy. Really, Zlatan had just gotten on to the field in his first game for the club and scored this wonder goal – the ball bounces up and Zlatan rips it from nearly forty yards away. Who needs to wait for the ball to hit the ground before striking it? Not Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Sometimes you just have to have confidence to try to strike the ball on the volley first time. And this confidence comes with repetition. Practicing locking your ankle and hitting the center of the soccer ball time and time again during training or against a wall on your own. Then the next time the soccer ball comes to you in the air you won’t hesitate in hitting it first time.

Simply trying to score on a first time volley inspires a collective awe in the stands. The fans respect the player’s willingness to go for it. To try to do the amazing and hit the ball before it bounces. And when a first time volley snaps the back of the net, well, no doubt there’s a roar from the crowd and a celebration that’s heard up the street from the soccer stadium.  Below are some amazing volleys by some of the best soccer players in the world:

Full Volley | Half Volley | Bicycle Kick | Side Volley |Scorpion Kicks

Best Soccer Volleys

So again, even if a player misses when they try to score on the volley, the fact that he’s tried to stike a ball on the volley, before it hits the ground or just after, is enough.  The crowd appreciates the guts to go for it.  But if the shot goes in then the crowd will erupt in a pandemonium.

What’s the point of all this? Don’t be afraid to fail or try things. Go for it. You’ can’t score unless you shoot and you can’t score on the volley unless you try one. Watch Roma’s Totti strike this first time volley into the lower corner from a very tough angle.

Take a look at a few of these amazing strikes on the volley.  Robin Van Persie’s goal might just top them all, but in terms of importance and quality, Zidane’s goal would is the most crucial, as it was done in the Champions League final no less. Yet, then there’s Arjen Robben’s volley versus Manchester United which wasn’t half bad either, and this too was in the Champions League, although the semifinals.

Here are the keys to striking the soccer ball on the volley:

  • Plant your standing foot at the intended target
  • Don’t lean back
  • Try to hit the center of the ball
  • Keep your ankle locked
  • Follow through – strike through the ball
  • Bend your knees a little bit
  • Square your body towards the oncoming ball

Here’s a good tutorial on how to volley the ball from Tottenham Hotspurs midfielder Rafael Van der Vaart.

Full Volley
(before the ball hits the ground)

Half Volley
(just after the ball bounces)

Bicycle Kick


NEW: See Cristiano Ronaldo’s bicycle kick versus Juventus:

Side Volley
(from the side or at an angle)

Scorpion Kick

Learn how to play shaolin soccer or strike the ball on the volley like Zlatan Ibrahimovic. How does Ibrahimovic get his leg up like that to strike the ball…I guess it’s because of his black belt in karate. He nearly scores an amazing karate kick like vollley below.

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