Spectacular Free Kick from Carlos Tevez

Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez rips in a free kick from way out, perhaps 40 yards away. It is a free kick worthy of David Beckham and more, as it has power and bend behind it. Tevez is an interesting soccer player in terms of his place in soccer history. Really an incredible player that probably hasn’t got his due.

It was Tevez second goal of the match versus Stoke, as Manchester City wrapped up a 3rd place finish and an assured a Champions League place next year.

Tevez is a remarkable football player, but the question still lingers as where he’ll play his football next year. Yes, there’s talk of him leaving another team again. However, what with his hustle, fight, energy, brilliance on the ball, and ability on dead balls as in the video below, I just don’t think City can let him leave.

Part of the problem, supposedly, is that he misses his two young daughters, whose names are on the shin guards he kisses after he scores. Either way though, this is one stunner of a free kick.

Not the best video, but you still get to see the amazing free kick from Carlos Tevez: