Stankovic Volley from Half Field

This is just a must see goal. The Stankovic stunner from half field has to be the goal of the Champions League tournament. This is some serious skill and a first time volley no less. What’s more, Stankovic has scored goals like this before, but with the inside of his foot.

The goal came at the very start of the match, after just 29 seconds. However, German side Schalke went on to win the match 5-2 and Inter Milan will have to score 4 goals in the return leg if they are to advance and have a chance at repeating as Champions League champs.

Watch the   volley from the halfway line in the video below. And I believe that is Manuel Neuer playing keeper for Schalke coming off his line doing his sweeper keeper routine and heading the ball right to Skankovic. But Neuer of course would never think Stankovic could first time volley the ball back and over his head. Neuer looks pretty shocked as he runs back with the ball screaming over his head.