Stuart Holden Just Donated $10,000 to Jay DeMerit Story

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Talk about being a home boy, or at least a true friend, Stuart Holden just gave Jay DeMerit $10,000 to help get his documentary, Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story a wider distribution. If the movie does well then maybe will get his money back. Who knows, maybe Netflix will pick it up…

Below is the run down via some recent Tweets. Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated wisely points out that Holden wasn’t making much more than $10,000 playing in the MLS for the Houston Dynamo – where his salary was in the range of just $40,000 per year. The MLS of course wanted to sign Holden for upwards of $300,000 per year after his four year contract expired, but Europe came calling and Holden rightly and deservedly cashed in for much more. Holden was smart not to get locked into an a longer MLS contract, that’s most likely why he was playing for peanuts.

Now, Holden is making millions of dollars playing for Bolton, where he was just named player of the year, despite suffering a knee injury and missing most of the season. I don’t think $10K is going to hurt his pocket book too much. Still, that’s quite a generous donation.

@stuholden Stuart Holden
@GrantWahl haha yup, not far off, after taxes about $26k.. Always remain loyal to my best friends tho

@grantwahl Grant Wahl
@stuholden That was nearly half your Dynamo salary, wasn’t it? Times change!

@stuholden Stuart Holden
Gotta help my roomie! Ur my boy blue! RT @D6MERIT: OMG .. @stuholden just donated $10,000 2 @JayDeMeritStory!! True legend of soccer world

Here’s a trailer for the Jay DeMerit movie:

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