Stuart Holden Game Winning Volley


The Bolton Wanderers were winning the game with less than five minutes to play when Blackburn Rovers scored to tie the game 1-1.

But right off the kick off, Bolton sent the ball long and Stuart Holden scored the game winner after making an exceptional run and anticipating that Davies would winner the header and flick the ball on.

Holden took the ball on his chest and then strikes the ball home with his left foot. And to top it all off, Bolton was playing the game down a man since the 56-minute mark.

From Bolton Wanders: We look back at Stuart Holden’s two fantastic goals for Bolton Wanderers during this time with the club.

Bolton manager Coyle had this to say after the match:

“What I loved was that having lost an equalizer so late in the game and being down to 10 men it would be easy to feel sorry for yourself,” Coyle said. “But with this group their first instinct was to go forward and to try to win it, even with 10 men.

“What it showed me was that we have a tremendous spirit and desire to go and work for each other and to stand up and be counted. I think that was so evident for everyone to see.”

Stuart Holden had this to say on his Twitter account:

Just got home.. still on Cloud 9, what a win today in the Derby!!! Well done boys!!!!