Studs Up Football Club T-Shirts

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When you think of soccer t-shirt companies, you might think of Who Are Ya Designs, from their soccer ads on Fox Soccer Channel, or maybe Bumby Pitch, and their Original Winger blog, but in terms of a clever and well made t-shirts, almost limited edition right from the start, there’s nothing better than line of the shirts by Studs Up Football Club. These new shirts from SUFC are just classy looking and these are shirts that you want to own.

This company is the creation of Chris Toy, who is the master mind behind the deadly funny football/soccer comic strip Studs Up. The shirts are very professionally done and look sharp, take a look a few examples below.

SUFC Spotlight

Studs Up Football Club T-Shirts

Estadio Azteca

Studs Up Football Club T-Shirts

Let Em Hang Blue

Studs Up Football Club T-Shirts

These are the kind of shirts that will get a lot of attention, with people walking up to you saying, hey where did you get that shirt? So, be prepared for that if you’re wearing them, especially around soccer friends.

Really, in the end though, it’s quite simple, if you’re looking for a smart soccer t-shirt there’s no better place than Studs Up Football Club. These aren’t run of the mill type shirts but ones that have some character and quality to them.

And just to be clear, we’ve posted theres images of the t-shirts and wrote up this piece just because we like the shirts, not because we were paid to do so. But hey, if Studs Up Football Club wants to send us a shirt or two we’d be more than happy to wear them. Studs Up is an original, clean, and smart looking brand that’s going to take over the soccer community.

All t-shirts have the SUFC logo on the back collar and the hem.

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