Super Liga Payouts

And how is this money divided up by the team that wins the Super Liga? Washington Post has the inside information. More on this in the next week or so as we put together an article in our soccer finance section.

If you’re making $40K per year, part of $150,000 is not bad for a bonus.  Who get its though–those who suit up or just those who make it on to the pitch?

The event was created by MLS’s marketing arm, Soccer United Marketing (SUM), in cooperation with the Mexican soccer federation. Every match will be shown live on Mexico’s two biggest networks, Televisa and TV Azteca, and on Spanish-language Telefutura in the United States.

SUM will reward the tournament champion $1 million. If an MLS team wins, $150,000 of the prize money will be earmarked for the players to divide. The league also will award $100,000 to the players on an MLS team that loses in the final, and $50,000 to the players on any MLS team that loses in the semifinals.


Something ain’t right with the prize money: There was a lot of talk about the $1 million prize offered to the SuperLiga’s winning team, but here’s something odd: While the Pachuca players said their portion of the winning pot would total $350,000, MLS had already mandated that the Galaxy players would only receive $150,000 of the cool million had they won the game.

I’m told that one reason MLS gave was because it didn’t want the SuperLiga-winning player pool to exceed the player pool that goes to the MLS Cup winners (which is $165,000). Nonsense.

The MLS players should have been allowed to negotiate their shares with their own team’s management. In the end, the Galaxy players will still receive $100,000 for finishing second, while the Pachuca players announced they would donate part of their winnings to those affected by Hurricane Dean.