Survivor: Coach Ben Wade

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Who is Coach Bed Wade on Survivor….? He used to coach soccer…

Update: Coach Wade was voted off Survivor last night. Jeff Probst has a good take on Coach and an interview with him at the end of the article. Wade is certainly a character but he’s funny overall and doesn’t want to do any harm. He was a women’s soccer coach.

So I watched the first few episodes of Survivor last night via On Demand. The show takes place in the 120 degree heat of the Brazilian Highlands this year and there’s a cast member who has a background in soccer, as a coach.

At first I thought he was ridiculous, but he actually grows on you and becomes pretty entertaining. Actually, he’s pretty funny. And sort of has a couple characters he’s created for the show. I think. Take a look at this video below.

In the show he loves to take on the so called leadership role, which might just get him voted off, since he seems to be all talk and no work, at least so far, when it comes to the physical challenges.

Coach Wade was fired recently from his coaching job at Southwest Baptist University, and his players didn’t take it well.

Cleaning out his office, former Women’s Head Soccer Coach Benjamin Wade appeared shaken as tears welled up in his eyes at the forced suddenness of his departure.

On February 16, Southwest Baptist University bought out the remainder of the “Survivor” contestant’s coaching contract; just four days earlier, Wade had announced his eight-player 2009 recruiting class on the SBU Sports Information website.

A source close to the athletic department said Wade did not want to send out letters of intent unless his contract was going to be safe. He was told to send out the letters.

While Wade cleaned out his office, Athletic Director Brent Good, in an hour-long meeting, told members of the soccer team the University had decided to fire the coach.

Freshmen Rhiane Mitchell of England and Kelly Isaac of Wales walked out when they heard the news.

Coach Wade’s bio from the Survivor website:

Benjamin Wade is known by many names. As the head women’s soccer coach at the Southwest Baptist University in Missouri, he is called “Coach Wade,” but he also goes by “Maestro” due to role as an artistic director and conductor of a California symphony orchestra.

More on Coach Wade:

“I’m going to be the next big thing on the big screen,” Wade said in a phone interview.

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