Taylor Twellman’s Rant – ‘WHAT ARE WE DOING?!’

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Twellman's Rant

Taylor Twellman goes on a massive rant on the United States men’s national soccer team after they failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup following a 2-1 loss to Trinidad and Tobago. And Twellman’s rant is very much right. His rant is passionate and correctly emotional, especially talking about the amount of resources the United States team had, a billion dollars in youth soccer development for example. You have to love Twellman’s passion and you can tell this rant is from the heart.

However, you feel bad for all the U.S. players, especially Omar Gonzalez and Christian Pulisic really gave it his all and had so much potential to shine in the World Cup at such a young age.

‘WHAT ARE WE DOING?!’ Taylor Twellman’s full rant on the USMNT missing the World Cup | ESPN Archive

More from the Washington Post on Twellman’s rant:

“As a whole, U.S. Soccer is not prepared. They have not done a good enough job of getting this group ready to play,” Twellman said, noting that the U.S. has failed to qualify for the past two Olympics, for which under-23 squads are used.

“By the way, as an ex-player, every single one of those players? Nightmares, for the rest of their lives, because this is an utter embarrassment,” he told Bretos. “With the amount of money that is in Major League Soccer and in this sport, you can’t get a draw, a tie, against Trinidad? Max, you don’t deserve to go to the World Cup.”

Yes, what are we doing indeed. But it also shows just how hard it is to qualify for the World Cup. Which makes the tournament that much more special every four years. Taylor Twellman’s rant – ‘WHAT ARE WE DOING?!’, surely will go down as one of the most authentic and memorable rants about the U.S. soccer team.

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