The Art of the Dummy

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Something in soccer that doesn’t get enough attention or praise is the dummy. A dummy is letting the ball go past you or through your legs to a teammate behind you.

There’s a certain art to doing a dummy in soccer and there’s no one better at it than Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric. If you watch top teams play you’ll likely see at least one or two dummy moves during the game.

What’s interesting about a dummy play in soccer is it’s not an individual move, it takes understanding and timing between teammates. It’s also a very unselfish move since you’re letting the ball go through your legs or past you so a teammate can score. Take a look at the video below to see the art of the dummy.


Here’s Real Madrid’s Luka Modric doing two back to back dummies during the run of play. Modric has grown into a star at Real Madrid and often controls the game for his team, creating chances and keep possession of the ball. I wonder how much of an influence his coach, Zidane, has had on the Croatian. Zidane too of course was a smooth player just like Modric.


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