The Art of the Sombrero in Soccer

Is there another move in soccer that demonstrates one’s confidence and skill on the soccer ball while simultaneously embarrassing the opponent to such great lengths, as the sombrero? I don’t think so. Let’s take a look at some of the best soccer players in the world and see how they pull of the sombrero move in soccer. There’s an art to the sombrero in soccer and let’s take a look at some of the experts in the game in pulling it off.

Sure, there’s the nutmeg, but the sombrero requires more skill and timing and perhaps even some arrogance. The sombrero of course is a move done in the air while the nutmeg is done when the ball is on the ground. Would you rather have the soccer ball put through your legs or over your head? Which is more embarrassing…

The ability to juggle the ball in the air, during a game, and then beat your opponent by flicking the ball up and over their head, and then getting the ball back again, it’s the epitome of skill and audacity. Here are some of the craziest sombreros in soccer.

Watch Robinho, in his first game for Real Madrid, the first time he steps on the field in a Real Madrid shirt, with his first touch he controls the ball with his chest and then his second touch of the ball is a flick up and over the defender. This is confidence and skill of the highest order. It’s what the fan comes to see and pays money for. It is genius.

It should come as no surprise that two of the masters of the sombrero are Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi, the two great Barcelona maestros, teacher and student in many ways. And then there’s the up and coming star, Neymar, who can flick the ball up and over the defender from the ground. These are artists at work, take a look. This is the art of the sombrero. Neymar pulled off an amazing sombrero like juggle and spin move to score for Barcelona.

Ronaldinho’s Sombrero with His Heel

Perhaps the master of the sombrero move, is Ronaldinho. Who, when he played for Barcelona was an artist on the field.

Ronaldinho Sombrero

Here he pulls off another sombrero, this time flicking the ball up and over a Real Madrid defender with ease.

Messi Sombrero

After taking a long ball off his chest, Messi flicks the ball up and over the defender and is on the break.

Lionel Messi Sombrero Over Evra

Messi show his touch and ability on the ball by pulling off a sombrero against Manchester United’s Partice Evra, in a Champions League match no less.

Nicolas Anelka Flick & Volley

While playing for France in a 2006 European Champions game, Anelka flicks the ball up and over the defenders’ head and volleys the ball home.

Cafu’s Four Sombreros in a Row

Cafu, the legendary Brazilian defender, while playing for Roma, almost pulls off not one, not two not three but four sombreros in a row before he’s fouled.

Neymar Sombrero

Neymar, the young Brazilian who is destined to become a world wide star, flicks the ball up and over the defenders head with ease – a sombrero. Take a look this sombrero from Neymar who has incredible skills with the ball.