The Dummy Run in Soccer

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Diego Valeri Dummy

What is a dummy run in soccer / football? A dummy run or move is when you don’t even touch the soccer ball but let the ball run through your legs or cut away from the ball and let it go to another player. And sometimes this dummy doesn’t even have to go through someone’s legs, although that’s a classic dummy play.

Sometimes a soccer player can make a dummy run, where they are standing in a position to act like they’re going to receive the ball but then run away to let the ball go through to an open player. Lionel Messi does dummy runs and makes dummy plays all the time. Messi beats defenders without even touching the soccer ball, which is the highest order of the feint.

A dummy run is all about seeing the game before it happens and knowing where your teammates are on the soccer field. Part of a dummy move in soccer is how you can fake like you want the ball but really want to let the ball go through to another player who is more open. Watch some of the best dummies in the MLS.

The dummy move really is a surprise move and a work of art when done at the right time – it often leads to a goal scoring chance when done well. The timing has to be just right though for a dummy move to work.

Also, one player who is a master at the dummy move is Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric.

Dummy: A skill move in which you don’t touch the soccer ball. Watch some of the best dummies in MLS. Players how pull off a dummy run or a dummy have a high soccer IQ and awareness of the game.

New: See Romelu Lukaku Dummy in the World Cup

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