The Bojans

A few players that deserve the spotlight right now.

Maybe if I’d watched some other soccer teams, besides all the favorites, Chelsea, Arsenal, Barca, Real Madrid, or Manchester United, then I’d discover more players to write about, and ones we haven’t all heard about already. Or, maybe it’s just that’s what shown on TV, it’s a bit of both I’m sure. I need to start catching some more Argentine soccer and I missed out on too much of the African Cup of Nations. Egypt won the title and that was without Mido—wondering if there were some gems that will end up in Europe if they’re not already there. They have a Zidan who players for Hamburger SV —but still trying to win playing time with the big German club.

But there a few players that have jumped out at me recently as I watched soccer and wanted to write a quick piece about them, so here we go. I’ll call them the Bojans, not because there all young and play amazingly well beyond their years, but because they’re amazingly good and unique in some way.

Bojan Krkic – He’s shining brighter right now than Messi, Henry, Ronaldinho, and Deco. Sure, they’re all hurt but he’s still shining brighter than any player on the Barca club. Well, maybe Etoo is the man still in my estimation. If there’s a club that everyone should model their player development after it is Barcelona’s. They’ve brought along Messi, Fabregas, Bojan, and it’s probably scary who else they’ve got up their sleeves at the Camp Nou. Dos Santos is rumored on his wait out but doesn’t want to leave.

Gudjohnsen – He’s from Iceland for one, and that in and of itself makes the Ice Man unique. Isn’t it dark most of the year there? He must of laced up his shoes and stayed indoors to get the skills he has. Number two, he plays with a skill and grace defying his seemingly non-athletic frame—he’s a bit portly almost. Saw him recently take a long pass and chop the ball inside on the turn as Cruyff might have done. Silky. Nothing like Robinho, but smooth nonetheless.

Gael Clinchy – A tireless defender with a superb left foot. All the big clubs seek his services but Arsenal wants to hold on to him since they’ve let Cole go to Chelsea. He loves to get into the attack and loves to get back and fight the ball away from forwards. He’s got blazing speed and boils over with energy. He’d be a good alternative fuel in this day of high gas prices.

Darren Fletcher – A utility player at Manchester United, and Man U has had a lot of them over the years (players who plug into a system brilliantly). But Fletcher rises to the occasion and plays big in big games. The Scot has earned high praise from the main Scot, Alex Ferguson, for his tough play, ability to serve in good balls, and passing. He passes in an effortless way nearly on par with Nicky Butt—who might have been a utility player to an extent, although I’d say he deserves a moniker of higher praise.

Michael Bradley – Yes, he’s on the list. He is the coach’s son. The lone American. He scores goals, wins the ball, serves the ball well, he’s only around twenty years old. Where will he play in the coming years? He could be a player like Fletcher, that’s who he should emulate. For one as I think Max Bretos said, he’s not know as the coach’s son anymore.

Extra: Who’s got the better flip celebration, Nani, Obafemi Martins, or Andre Bikey?

Oddity: Isn’t it strange to see Pujol so much part of the attack for Barcelona? I’m a big fan of Pujol and all his hard work, and he’s seem to have developed more of an attacking game, but with Barca, they don’t need him to turn, cut or try to beat players—just pass and win balls.