The Cesc Fabregas Show

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So people are saying that Cesc Fabregas is not only a good footballer but also a good actor! Coming soon – the Cesc Fabregas show. The Arsenal midfielder is showing his creative side on and off the soccer pitch. This one’s quite genius! Philippe Senderos joins Cesc Fabregas and other young lads for an enlightening pre-game talk.

Where does Fabregas rank in world football? Surely he’s one of the best central midfielders of all-time. Fabregas is a player who can not only play the killer pass but keep the ball and get stuck in when he needs to.

Here’s another preview of the Cesc Fabregas show – he’s juggling a ball of fire.

It’s pretty amazing that Cesc is only 21 years old. This past season Arsenal was on a good run and looked like they would battle for the EPL title, but all the games and injuries took their toll on the club. And Cesc, even though his legs aren’t as old as say Ryan Giggs, the repeated 90 minute battles in the English Premier League and Champions League begin to add up. Early in the year he was scoring goals, an added benefit to a player who’s main job is to supply others with the ball, but seemed like he was tired as the season continued on.

Who’s the bald guy acting as the coach in this clip, that’s Matthew Lucas an English comedian and one of the stars of Little Britain (spoof show in England).

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