The Roulette Move by Zidane

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The Roulette Move by Zidane

Zidane roulette: If Zidane wanted to he could still play today for Juventus and or Real Madrid, in the Serie A or La Liga. And of course France would have killed to have Zidane for the World Cup in South Africa. Zidane is one of the smoothest soccer players to ever play the game.

But I think Zidane could even still play for France in the World Cup in Brazil if he wanted. After all, France just barely qualified for the tournament – they actually need him. Here’s a much younger looking Zidane demonstrates one of his favorites moves in the video below, the roulette.

Dribbling the soccer ball is nothing more than moving with the ball across the field. It is used to relocate a player into a desirable spot where he can shoot or pass the ball. What transforms this skill into an art are the defenders who constantly try to limit the options of the player with the ball. Players like Zidane can make defenders look silly when they try to take the ball from him.

Zinedine Zidane’s legendary signature move “The 360 Roulette”, also known as “Marseille turn”, “la Roulette” “the Girosfin” & “the double drag-back”.

As part of Kinsale AFC Coaching Programme and Philosophy, and as part of SIS (self-isolation soccer) 5’s, we have our a number of different skills, which we call our Skills of the Week here. These are in addition to the 4 core turns (inside hook, outside hook, Cruyff turn, drag back).

Skills of the Week – Week Two, Zidane 360 / Roulette move is a skill that’s perfect for escaping pressure. This turn is one every central midfielder should learn how to do. Take a look ahead of you before you receive the ball so you know how much time and space you have to do the Zidane spin move.

Learn more about how to do the Zidane Spin Move.

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