Woody and Wulfy – The Senkerik Soccer Move

Paul Woody and Tina ”Wulfy”, the U-19 Norwegian Football star, show you how to do ‘The Senkerik’. If anything, these soccer tricks just get you more and more comfortable on the ball.

What really matters though is being able to keep the ball close to you and dribble at speed. Look at Lionel Messi, he doesn’t do many tricks but has a great change of pace and can cut the ball in any direction.

So, make sure to perfect the fundamentals of the game before you move on to soccer tricks and moves. But what’s great about tricks is they keep you practicing and spending time with the ball. And they’re fun!

Introducing Wanderers’ official freestylers, Woody and Kleiny! They are the official football freestylers for the club and the only duo tied to a professional club in the world! The Wanderers freestylers are housed within the BWFC Institute of Sport and provide lots of add-ons to courses which have been running for many years.