The Soccer Mom

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Mrs. Posh Spice David Beckham is a soccer mom. Actually, Victoria Beckham might actual be the first soccer mum, since she’s from across the Atlantic. However, since she’s living in California and all, she might go with soccer mom. Either way, if it’s soccer mom or soccer mum, she’s got a nice stance going on. Posh is always posing always ready for the photo.

The Soccer Mom

I like Posh, even though she’s perpetually posing in some way or another. She’s actually pretty funny and down to earth. Cool even, despite all the media attention. Which is pretty amazing you know. That she and the Beckham family or kids haven’t gone down the road of destruction. All that attention makes it hard for famous people to feel normal.

Shouldn’t her son being holding the little ball and her the big one? I wonder what she thought about that Italian journalist checking up on her husband?

The truth is her husband is a class football / soccer player who has played for the biggest clubs in the world: Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan and now the LA Galaxy. Beckham will gone done in soccer history as the best crosser of the ball the game has ever seen. Players now try to copy and mimic his crossing style.

It will be interesting to see how the Beckham sons develop as soccer players and if one day they might be playing in the EPL or the MLS or both.

Is there a more famous soccer mom? Perhaps only one, and that would be Michelle Obama. Who’s husband is the most famous soccer dad.

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