The Special One – Jose Mourinho

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The special one is Jose Mourinho of course. BBC documentary of Jose Mourinho, interviewed by the legendary goal scorer for England, Gary Lineker.  A four part series that’s listed below with a thanks to YouTube for the videos. Surely Mourinho has to go down in soccer history as one of the greatest managers / coaches of all-time. And of course he’s brought personality to the manager role.

Mourinho talks in his usual candid and captivating manner about joining Chelsea, chairman Roman Abramovich and his first campaign in the top-flight.

He talks about the problems of playing under his father in his playing days in his homeland and his rise through the coaching ranks under Bobby Robson and Louis van Gaal.

Mourinho’s rivals in the Premiership give some of their thoughts on his impact and how they perceive the fellow manager.  The Stamford Bridge boss talks about his philosophy and the turning points in his career as he strives to be “number one”.

Great and funny quote from the interview:  ‘He’s probably the only man I’d leave my husband for. And he’s probably the only man my husband would leave me for.’

Watch Jose Mourinho interview – The Special One.

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