The Stanley Matthews Soccer Move

How do you do the Stanley Matthews soccer move? This is a great move to beat a player on the dribble. Made famous by Stanley Matthews many years ago and now done regularly by the likes of Lionel Messi and many more professional soccer players.  This soccer move can be used on the wing to get a cross in or as a striker to give you the space to shoot.

This is really an ideal skill to master to gain that extra bit of space to make a pass or take a shot. Again though, the idea with any soccer feint is the change of pace – do the move and then burst pace the defender. It’s always slow and then fast when doing any kind of soccer move.

Keep practicing and eventually you can start to do the Stanley Matthews move in your sleep. Perfect soccer practice makes perfect performance as they say. This Matthews inside outside kind of move reminds me of a football player like Arjen Robben, who charges at you on the dribble and takes advantage of any hesitation you might make as a defender.

And here’s some old video footage of the legendary Stanley Matthews himself. He’s looked on as perhaps the greatest players of the British game and was known as the “Wizard of Dribble”. He also had a great change of pace, which is key to beating players on the dribble.

Learn the Stanley Matthews move from Stanley Matthews himself!