Thiago & Rodri Long Distance Juggling

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Thiago Long Distance Juggling

During a training session with the Spanish national team, Thiago and Rodri juggle and pass the ball from a long distance away. Add this video to the art of long distance juggling that was started by Messi and Dani Alves. And then of course Messi and Suarez starting doing the long distance juggling.

Rodri of course is a defensive midfielder for English Premier League club Manchester City and Thiago is a former Barcelona player who now stars for Bayern Munich. And it’s not the first time these two have shown off their long distance juggling skills.

Who cares if you can pass the ball from forty yards away, now days, in the modern game of football, you need to be able to juggle and control the ball in the air from forty yards away. The heel control by Thiago is next level though. Keeping it up in the air with a heel touch is genius and Neymar like.

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