Thierry Henry Red Carded for Knee to the Back

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The New York Red Bulls Thierry Henry was red carded in the 28th minute of the match versus the Kansas City Wizards after he blatantly, and right in front of the referee, ran and put his knee into the back of Roger Espinoza. Sure, earlier in the play it looks like Henry was pushed and fouled a little bit, but there’s no reason Henry should let his anger get the best of him and take it out on another player. Easier said than done though.


But for such a quality soccer player like Henry, who’s played in World Cups, Champions League finals and is a legend for his time at Arsenal, this is a very rookie move. One might even say Wayne Rooney like move.

Earlier in the year Henry was red carded for slapping Portland’s Adam Moffat in the back of the head.

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