This Is How You Slide Tackle

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This Is How You Slide Tackle

What’s the correct way to slide tackle in soccer? Here Bayern Munich’s Philip Lahm steals the ball from Manchester City’s Jesus Navas with a perfect slide tackle. Navas can’t believe Lahm has just won the ball from him. Watch how Lahm chases back and then not only slide tackles Navas but wins the soccer ball too. Plus, he avoids fouling Navas. If you want to learn how to slide tackle in soccer, watch this video.

And in the video Philip Lahm pulls off a similar tackle where he wins the ball a number of other times for Bayern Munich. Take a look this tackle that’s just like the one above.

There are also a couple key things to consider when slide tackling in soccer. Don’t slide tackle from behind, rather come in from the side. And get the soccer ball before getting any part of the player, otherwise you could get a yellow card or even red. Lastly, never go in with both feet or come in off the ground, that will surely earn you a red card.

What’s interesting too about the slide tackle by Philip Lahm is he almost comes in and wins the ball with the heel of his foot. Usually when you slide tackle your sweeping the ball away with the instep area of the foot.

Lahm has time the tackle perfectly to win the soccer ball and not allow Navas to get ahead of him in the first video. It’s really the only thing Lahm can do in the situation above because Navas is faster than Lahm. If Navas gets that one more touch on the ball he’s past Lahm and off to the races and Lahm won’t catch him. So that’s why Lahm resorts to sliding to the ground to win the ball. And sometimes it’s even worth it to slide tackle, get part of the player, and earn a foul, just to stop the play – but you’ll probably earn at least a yellow card.

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