Three Team Keep Away

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Keep away is the foundation of soccer. Think tiki taka and Barcelona’s style of football.

Number of players: 18 total players; three teams of six

Age range: 14-16

Description: In a large square, split players up into three teams of six and one team starts out as defenders and the other players work together as offensive unit, so this drill really turns into twelve versus six.

Teams should spread out and work together to keep the ball away from the six defenders.  If defenders win the ball then the team who lost the ball becomes the six defenders.  If team gets ten passes then the defensive team stays as the defenders for another round.

Work on transitioning from defense to offense and the attacking team should work on spreading out to keep possession of the ball and supporting their teammates. This is especially important if a long switch is played. The player who the ball is served to needs to have supporting players around him or her, otherwise it will be tough for them to keep possession of the ball. It’s not really a smart switch if the player is all alone and has no support. Rather, play a couple short passes and then switch the ball when you see players making runs to support.

This soccer drill will move quickly, from defense to offense, and teams have to transition quickly to different roles. Start out playing with unlimited touches and then move to two touch and eventually one touch.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.

This Kwik Goal soccer coaching activity is selected from the NSCAA Player Development Curriculum – Season 2. This is a series designed to help coaches plan for the development of players and includes 200 unique activities, clinic presentations and activity plan downloads.

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