Laser Through Ball By Lionel Messi

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Messi Through Ball
Just a genius through ball by Lionel Messi that cuts out four Real Sociedad defenders. While it doesn’t result in a goal for Barcelona, as Cristian Tello’s shot is blocked by the last defender, it is actually incorrectly called offsides, it’s just more brilliance from the greatest soccer player on the planet. Messi can do it all: score goals, dribble past players, and laser passes through to teammates. Take a look.

You can’t give Lionel Messi that much time on the soccer ball to pick out another player with a pass. Look how Messi has time to control the ball and look up and take a touch. While he’s still far from the goal, the defenders must force him to put his head down. Otherwise he’s going to play a perfect through ball right through your entire soccer team. Oh yeah, easier said than done, but try to force Messi to use his right foot. Messi’s left foot is deadly!

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