Harry Kane Never Dives

Harry Kane never ever dives and here are his top five never dives. Yes, you read that right. I guess you might say that all forwards in pro football/soccer dive, or embellish a little bit when you’re touched or tackled in the goal box. No forward is pure and innocent in this debate, right? The only soccer player who doesn’t dive is Messi. Everyone else is guilty, including Harry Kane.

Perhaps with VAR they will crack down on dives and simulation and give out more red cards to attacking players who try to draw penalty kicks. I’d rather see referees reward players with a penalty kick if they try to continue playing even when they are pushed or hacked down in the box. Young players are coached to go down in the penalty box, too. So coaches and mangers should maybe respect the game more and advise players not to dive or try to earn a penalty kick.

Did Harry Kane say all of this with a straight face, from ESPN. Not sure exactly what he means by hopefully I don’t have to dive…

When asked if he has ever dived, Kane said: “Never and, hopefully, I don’t have to. I said after the Arsenal game it’s a 50/50 one, similar to the one we got given against us at Wembley the year before. It happens in football.

“I am someone who uses his body well, which as a striker you have to do at every level. On the halfway line it’s a free kick every day of the week. In the penalty box you don’t always get it.

“People’s opinions are their opinions. I wasn’t concentrating on that sort of stuff. For me, it’s about doing my best on the pitch and the most important thing is about winning games.”

Here’s Harry Kane never diving versus Arsenal. Kane goes down easily. Water is wet.