Too Many Good Players at Barcelona

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Yes, Barcelona had too many good players and two in particular. It’s amazing to think that Barcelona had both Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez on its roster last year. Just look at what these two players have done for the teams in the English Premier League since their move away from the Camp Nou.

Alexis has made Arsenal a dangerous team that can score at any moment. Fabregas has made Chelsea a title contender what with his ability to setup up teammates game in and game out with his killer passes.

Right now, Chelsea in first place in the league right now and Arsenal sits in fifth place. No sure who’s going to end up winning the EPL, but you’d have to say that both teams will finish in the top four and qualify for the Champions League next year.

Fabregas leads the EPL in assists with 15 thus far. Alexis has 7 so far. Watch Fabregas and Diego Costa work together for Cheslea – they’re calling the two the magical duo.

But it’s common for top teams like Barcelona to have too many good players on their rosters so they can compete in both all their regular league games but also the Champions League.

However, it’s rare for a team to have two stars on their roster like Barcelona did last year. There was just no room for Fabregas or Alexis what with Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, Pedro, Neymar and so on.

And Fabregas and Alexis aren’t your typical midfielders – they are stars that room to shine so to speak. I think that’s the reason both players were enticed to leave Barcelona. Arsene Wenger surely told Alexis that Arsenal would be his team. And Jose Mourinho surely said the same to Fabregas.

Just look at the skill on the ball that Alexis has:

Barcelona had to make some tough decisions last year. Getting rid of two stars must have been hard but they had to do it since they just couldn’t give stars like Alexis and Fabregas the platform they needed.

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