Top 15 Lionel Messi Dribbles

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Will Lionel Messi go down in history as the greatest dribbler of all time? I think so. Just take a look at some of these runs with the ball and how the soccer ball is always tethered to his foot. Messi is a joy to watch play. A gift really. I don’t know if there will ever be another soccer player like Messi.

Watch how once he makes a cut he surges past the defender with a burst of speed. Dribbling is all about change of pace. Another thing that stands out is Messi almost invites pressure or defenders to surround him, since he knows if he can’t break free and get into a bit of space there will be a Barcelona teammate wide open to pass to. While Messi usually dribbles to try to find space to shoot and score he’s also has his eyes peeled for an open Barcelona teammate too.

Here are 15 magical Lionel Messi dribbling runs by the greatest footballer of all-time. Just magical, pure genius by Messi. His left foot is like no other foot in all of world soccer.

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