Top 20 Goal Celebrations

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20. Roger Milla, 19. Allan Nielsen, 18. Lee Sharpe, 17. Ahn Jung-Hwan, 16. Brian Laudrup, 15. Papa Bouba Diop, 14. Brandi Chastain, 13. Marcelo, 12. Jürgen Klinsmann, 11. Julius Aghahowa, 10. Aylesbury United, 9. Paul Gascoigne 8. Ruud van Nistelrooy, 7. Bebeto, 6. Robbie Fowler, 5. Ian Wright, 4. Ally McCoist, 3. Peter Crouch, 2. Craig Bellamy, 1. Temuri Ketsbaia.

A compilation of the most famous, and infamous, goal celebrations in football: Dirty-dancing with the corner flag, Push-ups, Elvis impersonation, Protest, Mimicking the movements of speedskater Kim Dong-Sung, Shirt-stripping, “Diving” onto the pitch, Baby rocking, Rock the cradle, The duck walk, Multiple back flips, Seven successive somersaults, Coke snorting, Touch-line sniff, Reserved English handshake, Dentist chair, Robot dance, Robo-kop, Ironic gesture, Imitating a golf swing, Ripping the shirt off, Kicking the stuffing out of the advertising boards.

The above video was removed from YouTube, so we’ve added this one for now:

Relieve Leo Messi’s best goal celebrations at FC Barcelona.


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