Total 90 Laser 1 Review

By Philip Araj

The Total 90 Laser 1 is probably one of the best Nike cleats I have ever owned. They are easily one of the most comfortable pair of soccer cleats that I have owned. They aren’t the lightest shoes Nike offers but they aren’t very heavy so you won’t feel weighed down.

They offer two types a kangaroo leather and synthetic upper. The kangaroo leather upper is far better than synthetic upper. It gives better ball control and a more comfortable. The new shot shield on the T90 laser’s are interesting they do provide some control when you’re shooting the ball.

The shoe is great for people who have wide feet if you don’t have a wide foot I don’t really suggest them. The Total 90 Laser boots are worn by 33.5% of people in the Barclays Premier League. Which is saying a lot.

Some down sides are that if you buy the synthetic uppers is that they will break a lot easier or the leather will crack. To me, the sock linear inside the shoe is weird and takes some getting use to. One of the best strikes Fernando Torres wore the T90 lasers when he first came to Liverpool scoring 30 goals in 47 games in 2007/2008 seasons.