Totti Chip Shot Versus Inter Milan

Roma’s Totti with what is perhaps the greatest chips shot ever. The nonchalance of it. He cuts inside on the dribble and sees the keeper out a bit, not out too far really or anything but far enough for Totti to chip him.

What you notice though is how Totti doesn’t rush things or appear at all worried about the situation. It’s what all great soccer players do. He’s just dribbling up the field at ease, as usual. He doesn’t care if defenders are diving in and trying to win the soccer ball off of him. Totti’s got his head up and looking for a chance to pass or shoot.

It’s as though he’s playing soccer/football on a Sunday in the park when he looks up as sees the Inter Milan keeper a little bit too far out of his goal and decides to put the ball up and over his head. Genius. But Totti does this all the time.

Watch one of Totti’s classic goals. His chip shot versus Inter Milan. Totti is missed from the game. What an incredible footballer he was for both Roma and Italy.