Totti Chipping the Goalkeeper

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I’m guessing one of Totti’s favorite things to do on the soccer field is score goals. Yes, of course. But what’s even better than scoring a goal? How about embarrassing the goalkeeper by chipping the ball up and over his head?

Chipping the keeper, Totti style. The Roma captain chips the goalkeeper not once but numerous times, on the run and from the penalty spot too. Take a look. A compilation of some of Totti’s best chips. The Roma legend will be missed from the game.

Francesco Totti has just become one of the top all-time scorers in Serie A, with 175 goals in total and the only still active player in the top ten list.

If Roma is going to win things they’ll have to do it in the next few years. At 32 years of age Totti isn’t young anymore, but with the signing of Baptista they have a forward who can help them win and Totti will serve in plenty of chances for the big Brazilian to finish off.

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