Totti’s Stunning Volley Versus Sampdoria

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Totti Volley
First time volley from an incredible angle by the Italian and Roma captain, Francesco Totti. The amazing Totti first time volley takes place in a game versus Sampdoria. Totti strikes the soccer ball from near the goal box outside line. It’s normally a spot you might even cross the ball from not try to score or volley the ball. The angle is so difficult. Not only can Totti strike the ball on the volley but he’s known for chipping the keeper.

The above image of Totti just before he strikes the ball is a bit blurry….but you can see just how far outside he is when he volleys the ball.

However, I think more than anything, Totti just surprises the keeper with this volley. The keeper isn’t ready or doesn’t think that Totti would try something like this from that spot on the field. Not a bad pass either. Just an incredible goal. One of the better goals you’ll ever see. I think players should take risks like this more often. Like Totti, have the confidence to strike the ball first time.

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