Turning a Defender Soccer Drill

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Field size: 30 yards by 30 yards

Number of players: full team with three players working in a group

Age range: 10-12

Description: Player with his or her back to the defender receives the soccer ball and tries to turn and beat the defender. One player serves the ball in while two players work as defender and attacker. Server makes crisp pass into the offensive player’s feet as he or she checks back to the ball.

Work on turning and beating a defender who is closely marking you. Defender can try win the soccer ball after the attacker touches the ball. Attacker has to use his or her body to push away from the defender and shield the ball once they receive it.

Practice a shoulder dip, feint to one side, flicking the ball around defender, letting the ball run through their legs, turning with the soles of the feet, perhaps a Maradona spin turn, or checking back already half turned and using the outside of your foot to control the ball and then turn and beat the defender.

The key in this soccer drill is to drag the defender away from where you want the ball. Meaning the space you want to operate or receive the ball. Then, break towards the ball at speed and lose the defender. This will give the attacking player time to turn. So a lot of the opportunity to turn and beat the defender comes in the setup, once you break towards the ball and the player serving the ball in.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.

Turning with the ball is an essential part of the game, and with this tutorial you can learn 10 easy skills to turn defenders and change direction with the ball skillfully. These creative soccer turns are simple to master but are effective for beating defenders on the turn. Practice these moves and become sharper turning on the ball to get away from defenders.

Players like Messi, Eden Hazard and Neymar use sharp and creative turns in their style of play to get away from defenders and create chances for their team. By working on these skill turns, you can improve your performance on the soccer pitch.

They slightly increase in difficulty with each one, so start slow if you’re trying them for the first time and increase the speed once you gain confidence with them. Below are the time codes for each turn.

00:28 – Inside Turn
00:50 – Outside Turn
01:10 – Cruyff Turn
01:35 – L Turn
02:00 – V Turn
02:20 – Reverse Croqueta
02:45 – Stepover Turn
03:10 – Reverse Stepover Turn
03:32 – Reverse Stepover Turn
03:58 – Roll Chop Turn

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