Two Grids with Open Space

Field size: 60 yards by 30 yards

Number of players: Three teams of four to six players

Age range: 10-12

Description: Split into three teams of equal numbers wearing different colored bibs or practice vests. One team starts as the defenders or the team that pressures the ball while the offensive team tries to make ten passes and then serve the ball into the next grid where the other team is located.

If the pass is good that team stays in their grid and the defending team races to pressure the new group in the next grid.  If the defense wins the ball or clears it out of bounds then the team that lost the ball becomes the defense and races to defend the team that starts with the ball in the next grid.  The new defensive team will serve the ball into the next grid before they rush to pressure them.

Make the two grids about twenty yards apart, with an open space between them, so the team that’s racing to defend doesn’t get to the grid right away, and the other team can make a few uncontested passes to start with.

After a team makes ten passes they serve the ball back into the other grid and the defending team has to race back to defend that grid. The ball can’t bounce into the open space but must go directly to one of the players. If the pass is hit out of bounds then that team becomes the defensive team. One team can stay on offense the entire time if they keep possession of the ball – make ten passes each round and then serve the ball in correctly.

This is a good drill because it’s realistic to a game like situation, where defenders are rushing at other players and putting them under pressure.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.