Two Versus One Back Turned

Field size: 20 yards by 20 yards – make the grid a bit longer than wider so the attacker has some space to attack behind the defenders

Number of players: full team, working in groups in three

Age range: 10-12

Description: An attacker receives the ball with his back turned and tries to beat two defenders, one defender must wait on the end line until the attacker has touched the ball before they can enter the game.  The hardest part for the attacker will be to get turned as quickly as possible to face the first defender.

The attacker can play the ball back to the server but the server only has one touch.  The attacker is trying to turn and dribble across the end line – dribble by the two defenders.  Defenders are trying to get a touch on the ball and win it or clear it out of bournds.  Rotate out the attacking player after three turns. Or, to make it more competitive, the attacker stays on as long as he scores.   You can also make it so the server can join the attack after a period of time, so the game becomes two versus two. 

And, you can create two grids within the grid, where the defenders can’t leave their grid or section.  This will make it easier on the attacker or gives the attacker a bit more of a chance. So you setup a set of grids, about ten yards long, where each defender is stationed.  

Later, you can also add in another defender, to make it more difficult for the attacker. So the game will then become two versus two.

The key here is for the attacker to challenge the defenders at speed and take some chances – test out different dribbling moves.  This is a drill to work on going at defenders.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.