Underappreciated Underpaid MLS Players

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Who’s are the most underappreciated and under paid player in the MLS? What with the release of the 2008 MLS player salaries I thought we’d run down the list a bit and dig out a few players who aren’t getting enough credit in the press or in the bank account. In some ways it’s extraordinary that there are players making less than $20K even if they’re just developmental players.

But that’s what this game will do to you: you’ll chase the dream no matter what. So hat’s off to those players, the underappreciated and the under paid. When a player comes in and is paid an exorbitant amount, like Denilson, but doesn’t pan out either in performance, wins, or even jersey sales, it’s all the more painful to those clubs with players just getting by so to speak. One of the Galaxy players said something like he stays near Beckham just in case he drops a hundred dollar bill. One or two of the Galaxy players could sure use it after looking at the list.

But here’s a quick rundown of some of the players that are bargains or just under paid and under appreciated:

  • Brad Guzman: $88,974.38 (wanted by a bunch of EPL clubs – ROI on him could be huge for the MLS)
  • Maurice Adu: $75,000.00 (only in his second year but already his salary looks like a bargain what with his national team rise; he’ll have a tough timing geting wins in Toronto though)
  • Marvell Wynne: $47,500.00 (a bit too early maybe but he too has had some national team runs and stock is high since he’s got the incredible speed)
  • Josmer Altidore: $105,000.00 (he too could be gone from the MLS after this year, and the ROI will be high if he keeps up his form)
  • Dane Richards: $33,000.00 (he’s out injured now but was playing incredible well, better than Shawn Wright Philips I’d say)
  • Brandon McDonald: $12,900.00 (he’s starting right now for LA; The Beckhams probably went out with the Bryants after the game recently and spent that much)
  • Corey Ashe: $33,000.00 (he too is starting right now for LA; the Beckhams nanny makes twice that or three times that per year; don’t know if the LA strategy is going to work though, pay the big three but use first or second year players in other positions)
  • Zach Thornton: $50,000.00 (for an experienced goalkeeper I’d think that’s a pretty good deal)
  • Jaime Moreno: $275,000.00 (considering what he’s done for the MLS and how long he’s been it)

Side Note: I’ve got to give some respect to TheOffside.com and their new or relatively new eye catching banner. TheOffside.com is the place to go for a quick updates on what’s going on in the soccer world, from their photo of the day to their bloggers covering nearly every league in the world. But based on their sexy banner ad, you might expect naked ladies, it’s not that type of site though. However, from time to time they do give you some salacious news. As was the case when we discovered their post on a certain Brazilian referee who posed naked for Playboy.

Extra: I’ve figured out why Houston won the title last year in the MLS, they’ve got cheerleaders.

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