Usain Bolt Playing Pick Up Soccer

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Usain Bolt Pickup Soccer
Usain Bolt. Playing some pickup soccer. You love to see it. The fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, plays a bit of pick up soccer despite his track coach telling him he shouldn’t. He wants to enjoy life and has been playing with these guys for years. Bolt also wants to make sure Alex Ferguson gets a hold of the tape of him playing soccer. It looks like a beautiful setting too. But with those small goals I wonder why Bolt is trying to score so many headers!

Notice Bolt is wearing a Puma soccer jersey that’s got Red Stripe written across the front – Jamaica’s beer of choice. I wonder if Puma will sell this jersey. I’m sure a lot of soccer, Bolt and beer fans would buy it.

And here is Bolt playing in a real game. Official Match Highlights: Usain Bolt scores his first two goals playing football with Central Coast Mariners of Australia’s professional soccer league.

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