Robin Van Persie Teasing Kids with the Soccer Ball

In jeans no less, Robin Van Persie passes and dribbles the soccer ball in and around some young kids, perhaps making them not want to play soccer ever again. Actually, I’m sure they loved it. Kids what to learn how to play soccer from the best and be challenged. Kids want to see and learn from professional soccer players. Young soccer players want to learn and play with the best. Van Persie ‘destroying’ these kids in a little keep away game is something they won’t forget!

But check out some of these soccer moves and tricks Van Persie pulls off, just amazing skill on the soccer ball – they’re tricks and touches worth learning. What also stands out is the pace of the ball and how fast Van Persie does some of this moves. Impressive to say the least even if it’s against some kids! And there’s joy in this too. You can tell that Van Persie loves the game of soccer / football. Watch Robert Van Persie teasing some kids in the video below.