Jan Vertonghen Pulls Down the Shorts of Nicklas Helenius

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Vertonghen Pulls Shorts Down
Do they teach this at the Tottenham soccer academy? Telling young potential pro football defenders that if they can’t stop the opposing forward and they’re about to score yank down their shorts. Really, this is one of the funnier things you’ll ever see in the English Premier League.

Well, if you can’t tackle or kick the attacking player, why not just pulls his shorts down so he can’t score. That’s exactly what Tottenham HotSpurs defender Jan Vertonghen did to Aston Villa’s Nicklas Helenius.

What’s great about this though is it didn’t stop Helenius from trying to score or take the shot. What’s even crazy though is no penalty kick was called! Take a look at the video below.

That’s got to be one of the oddest things you’ll see in a football match to say the least. I wonder if this will become a trend though, defenders chasing down forwards and trying to pull their shorts off if they can’t reach them. Can you picture John Terry trying to catch Wayne Rooney and they grabbing at his shorts? Don’t think Wayne would be too happy. All players will now make sure their shorts are tied up tight before the game starts.

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