Victor Osimhen’s Assist

If there’s an assist of the year in the Italian Serie A, Napoli’s Victor Osimhen’s assist to Khvicha Kvaratskhelia will surely win that award. The Osimhen assist is about both soccer skill and just pure effort and desire to win.

The game is tied at this point and the assist by Osimhen would turn out to lead to the game winning goal.

I think Osimhen doesn’t probably celebrate as much when he scores a goal himself. In fact, he rips off his face mask when Kvaratskhelia smashes the soccer ball off the post and in. The entire Napoli team gathering together to celebrate.

But the Osimhen goal is also about shielding and juggling. Moreover, Osimehn juggles the ball with his thigh multiple times before using his head to steer the ball down the line. Osimehn almost loses the ball behind him but he’s able to flick it forwards with his back foot. He knows what he wants to do but has to fight to get down the line. And then there’s the slide and cross of the ball to the back post where Kvaratskhelia is waiting unmarked.

Perhaps Osimhen’s thigh juggling display before he turns down the line will bring back thigh control in general. Using the thigh to juggle or control the ball in soccer isn’t something you see as much anymore in the modern game. Osimhen thinks otherwise though, clearly.

Watch Victor Osimhen’s assist to Kvaratskhelia in the video below.

It is no wonder that top clubs like Real Madrid are trying to sign Victor Osimhen. He’s both a goal scorer and someone who can setup his teammates like he does here. Furthermore, he plays with a passion and competitiveness that every team wants.

Unfortunately, after pulling off the assist, Osimhenn seemed to aggravate his groin and he came out of the match at the 82 minute. Hopefully he came out of the game just as a precaution. Napoli will need him both for scoring and creating chances if they want to win the league again. Right now they sit in fifth place in the Serie A.