Thiago’s Juggling Warm Up Routine

Thiago warm up routine. Thiago has been on a sort of resurgence. Or maybe getting the attention that he’s rightly deserved for some time now. His passing accuracy and control becoming legendary. His ability to strike the ball on the half volley. As far as soccer warm up routines go in world football, Thiago is perhaps best know for his long distance juggling.

What stands out about this warm up routine though, ahead of Liverpool’s FA Cup final, is Thiago’s instep control trick. Or maybe it’s the chest control trick where the ball holds in place for a few seconds. Really though, there’s just a casual coolness about Thiago’s warm up routine that’s full of confidence. He’s put all the work in. He loves the game. He’s spent time on his own with the ball growing up and master it.

Check out Thiago warm up routine below:

And here’s Thiago’s warming up when he played for Bayern Munich.

FC Bayern’s Thiago showed off his brilliant skills on ball during the warm-up ahead of the Munich club’s game in Mainz. Can you do any of this skills, too? If you do have a go, try not to tie your legs in knots! Here’s Thiago in expert mode during warm ups.

What a soccer career Thiago has had. Playing for three of the top clubs in the world: Barcelona, Bayern Munich and now Liverpool.