Week Long Soccer Workout Routine

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So, if you’re not currently in season with your club team, you might need a week long workout routine. Well, look no further, we’ve got some soccer training ideas that will improve your skills on the ball and keep you in shape for when the season starts.

In this video, I give you my daily soccer routine that I do at the very least every single day.

Each session lasts just thirty minutes , so you’re getting in there and training hard and then off to do what you need to the rest of the day. However, if possible, it’s important to see out a pick up game or indoor soccer game at least two or three times a week, so you get some game work throughout the week.

And it doesn’t matter what position you play, whether it’s forward or defender, all these training exercises will help you improve and get better. Actually, if you’re a keeper, then you might want to do the ball work but focus more on drills that will help you make saves.

Day 1 Ball Work

  • Dribbling moves (10 minutes). Work on five to ten soccer feints and moves, whether that’s the step over or inside outside move. Setup a small square that you can dribble in and work on your moves.
  • Cone maze (10 minutes). While this might seem like something you worked on as a kid, it’s still useful no matter your level of play. Setup five or six cones in a row and weave in and out of the cones – slowly build up the speed. Try dribbling in and out of the cones with just your right foot and then the left.
  • Tricks and moves. Try out some new skills.
  • Change of pace.

Day 2 Passing

  • Wall passing. (10 minutes) Find a wall at a park, school or maybe go to a basketball court where you can knock the ball against the wall. Start off using just the inside of your foot to pass the ball against the wall. You want sharp crisp passes. Start off passing the ball in just two or three touches.
  • Work on your weaker foot.
  • Shot short long passes.

Day 3 Shooting

  • Striking the ball with power. (10 minutes) Again, you’ll need a backstop or wall for this exercise. Strike the ball with the instep of your foot and landing on your shooting foot. Hit the ball 20 times with each foot. Here you’re trying to hit the ball with power, nearly as hard as you can, but make sure you’re under control and hitting the center of the ball.
  • Hit the cross bar. (10 minutes) While seemingly difficult and silly, this is actually a great way to work on your accuracy. Vary the distance, start out say forty yards away and then try from half field. If you’re in a gym with a basketball hoop, see if you can score a basket with the ball off a bounce or from the ground. You might not make it but you’ll get better at your aim and touch on the ball.
  • Place the ball into the corner – calm finishing.

Day 4 Crossing

  • Crossing with both feet. (30 minutes). 
  • Pick out the target.
  • Cross the ball from various parts of the field, from end line to further out positions.

Day 5 Juggling

  • Juggling with both feet. (30 minutes). See if you can keep the ball in the air at various levels, close to your feet and then high in the air. Try juggling a certain number of times on one foot and then switch to the other foo and do the same number. Don’t let the ball control you but you should control the ball in the air.
  • What’s your maximum number?
  • Juggle while jogging.

Day 6 Fitness and Strength Work

  • Plyometric exercises.
  • Ten minutes of running.
  • Sit-ups. The abdominal crunch is a classic core-strength exercise.
  • Push ups.

Day 7 Rest Day

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