What makes a great nickname?

A great nickname should capture the essence of the person it is referring to and be unique enough so as to be recognizable. It should also evoke positive feelings when heard and be suitable for the situation in which it is used.

We have compiled 10 of the best soccer nicknames here.

1. El Fenomeno (Ronaldo)
2. El Matador (Fernando Torres)
3. Dare to Zlatan (Zlatan Ibrahimovic)
4. The Divine Ponytail (Roberto Baggio)
5. The Little Magician (Jorge Campos)
6. The Kaiser (Franz Beckenbauer)
7. Flying Dutchman (Johan Cruyff)
8. El Pibe de Oro (Diego Maradona)
9. El Huracán (Gonzalo Higuain)
10. The Emperor (Pele)

There are many more great nicknames for players and coaches everywhere.  It is always fun to see what fans come up with when they give a nickname to a player.  Sometimes a nickname is a very big compliment and other times it can be a harsh criticism of a player.  Either way, they all seem to find and have their place in the history books.  Making the game more interesting and entertaining to watch.
Looking for more great nicknames? Click here.. Or view the youtube video below.