What Soccer Shoe Does Christian Pulisic Wear?

Christian Pulisic, the Dortmund attacking midfielder and U.S. national team star, wears the the Nike Mercurial Vapor soccer cleats, and has been for the last 8 years. Why change soccer shoes if they’re working for you….and he wears them about a size smaller than his regular tennis shoes. Also, don’t miss this 60 Minutes feature on Christian Pulisic.

As far as colors, I’ve seen Pulisic wearing the Nike Mercurial vapor cleats in just about every color, from orange to red to white to green and even yellow, to match his Dortmand jersey. But if you’re looking for a good soccer shoe then try the Nike Mercurial Vapor cleats, if they have been working for Christian Pulisic this long then they must be good soccer shoes. One other thing: Pulisic likes to wear his soccer shoes tight, not too big, so he can feel the ball on his foot better.

This video below talks about the new Nike Mercurial Soccer Shoes Heritage pack! Soccer.com caught up with the rising Borussia Dortmund and U.S. Men’s National team star to talk life, soccer, and his Mercurial Vapor cleats.

The best old Mercurial football boot designs from the 5 previous world cups. With the World Cup coming up in this summer of 2018, Nike just released a pack of Mercurial football boots including both the Superfly and the Vapor. It is the new Mercurial Superfly 6 and Vapor 12 wrapped in some of Nike’s greatest heritage colors.

This is a great look at how some of the most iconic world cup colorways from the past, look on today’s modern technology in the newest mercurial football boots. The Nike Heritage pack goes all the way back to perhaps the most iconic mercurial football boots of them all, the Nike Mercurial R9 from the world cup in 1998.

From Grant Wahl’s new book – Masters of Modern Soccer:

Of all the things that have changed for Pulisic, however, at least one surprising aspect has not. “The funny thing is I’ve worn the same cleat size for the last, like, four years,” he says. “I feel like my foot has definitely grown, but I haven’t done anything about it.”

Pulisic wears size 8.5 soccer cleats—the Nike Mercurial Vapor, his standbys since 2011—that are a full size smaller than his running shoes (size 9.5). Yet his cleats aren’t painful to wear, he says. He wants them that way. “You just feel like your foot is closer to the ball, like you have more control over it,” Pulisic explains.

“If you have a big gap between your toe and the edge of your shoe, I feel like it’s not nearly as comfortable when you’re touching the ball.”

Since signing with Chelsea, Pulisic now has a special pair of soccer cleats with the American flag on them.