Wheelchair Soccer Pitch Ivasion

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Watch the bottom of the screen after about 30 seconds, as there’s a menacing wheelchair invader who looks like he’s going to attack some players.

don’t see why his Dad or his Grandpa gets upset and gruffly wheels him back off the pitch. Give the guy some credit; he just wants to support his team even if he’s in a wheelchair. Later, look for a man with crutches hustling along to catch up with the rest of the celebrating fans.

This all has the makings of a nice soccer commercial. Fans showing some real passion for the game.
And in the last few moments of the video you see the guy in the wheelchair make a successful invasion and join up with the rest of the celebrating after the game. I’m thinking these two guys should get tickets for life at Chesterfield FC.

The game itself? Who was playing? That would be Chesterfield beating Bournemouth 2-1 at Saltergate, a 139 year old football stadium in England, this was Chesterfield’s last game at the park. However, the win wasn’t enough to put Chesterfield into the playoffs.

CFC chairman Barrie Hubbard said: "It was a day we will all cherish and a big reminder how good Chesterfield supporters can be when we all get together for a big occasion."

"I invite everyone to help keep the carnival atmosphere going by buying a season ticket for next season at the b2net stadium so we have a big noisy fan base which can turn our new home into a formidable place for visiting teams."

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